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Beretta Store
718 Madison Avenue
New York, N.Y.

Beretta, an international manufacturer of quality firearms, launched its new retail sporting wear division with the opening of a flagship store on upper Madison Avenue in 1995. Beginning with the renovation of the ground floor of their Landmark townhouse, the retail space was expanded to include three full floors over the next several years. The storefront fa ade was renovated using the same stone as the Beretta family villa, imported from Italy. The retail floors were visually and spatially connected. An addition to the building significantly expanded each retail floor, and an elevator was added.

Finely detailed new casework is the central feature of the new design. The luxurious materials and attention to detail communicate the quality of the product; the cabinets are fabricated of ribbon stripe mahogany, with crotch mahogany panels and Macassar ebony inlay frames. Custom decorative hardware cast in white bronze was designed by Rosenberg Kolb for the cabinetry.

In addition to the custom display casework, a new state-of-the-art lighting, fumed rift oak floors, Persian rugs, antique leather seating, etched glass doors, and faux stucco walls transform the character of the space.