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Eerie Entertainment
Executive Office
New York, New York

Eerie Entertainment operates theme restaurants in Manhattan. Their executive offices are on the third floor of an 1840's townhouse in Greenwich Village over one of their restaurants, Jekyll & Hyde. Rosenberg Kolb designed the offices as part of a larger renovation that created a new second floor for the restaurant below and added 1,600 square feet of space to the building.

The program included a waiting/reception area, executive offices for the president, vice president and creative director and a conference room. The traditional design uses some common themes of the Eerie restaurants: period furniture and mahogany woodwork, and antique furnishings and accessories purchased and shipped from England.

Between the offices, wood and glass partitions, styled after an office from a 1930's detective movie set, allow light from the perimeter windows into the center office spaces. Privacy can be maintained with adjustable wood blinds.