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Seattle Coffee Roasters
New York, New York

Rosenberg Kolb transformed this 2,000 square foot space into a stylish coffee bar with a downtown, hard-edged feel. The new design highlights original seventeen-foot cast iron columns. Materials were selected that contrast natural richness with industrial durability. Rosenberg Kolb designed a swooping curved counter topped by black granite and mirrored by a curving metal light valence above which supports clamp-on theater lights that illuminate the back bar and countertop.

At the rear of the space a three-sided box 13' by 8' by 12' tall is set on casters with a merchandise display on one side. The unit can roll forward and back to adjust the size of the front seating area or to create a second private seating area in the rear. It is houses an espresso equipment display that can be rotated to face any direction