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Sanborn Map Building
Pelham, New York

The Sanborn Map Building is an 80,000 square foot complex originally built in 1912. Over time, the company's operations were scaled back; the space was rented for light industrial use and then sold in the late 70's. By the early 90's it made sense to convert the building into office space.

Rosenberg Kolb was retained to develop a program that would upgrade the physical plant, the tenant spaces, and the overall image of the complex. The total cost to implement the program was less than $10 per square foot. The work was carried out in phases to keep the complex rented through the renovation. After the work was completed the owner was able to triple the rent roll.

A new image for the facility was created not just by these improvements but by a complete signage and identity program starting with a name and logo developed from the building's former use and ownership, to exterior signage, lobby directories, wayfinding and room identification.